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Self-contained classes for children with developmental disabilities in school district, and others, are restricted to kindergarten curriculum throughout their elementary school years, a fact that not provided to parents/guardians unless the specific question “What curriculum will my child be taught? Based on my experience, few parents/guardians ever think to ask this question.

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The classroom’s lack of stimulation combined with low expectations for learning created a situation in which parents that she could either be held back another year in kindergarten, without additional staff support, or placed in a special classroom where there is a better teacher-student ratio for more direct instruction.

The parents had to put pressure on the high school Principal to get the SEA paperwork completed.

Once submitted, the SEA funding was granted and augmentative electronic equipment (laptop and various software) were purchased and the educational assistant trained in their use – all to better support parents.

Thinking their daughter’s educators had their child’s best interests at heart and in mind, plus believing the educators knew which instructional practices were developmentally appropriate for their child to continue her growth in all domains, they agreed to the placement.

Subsequently, through information obtained from The Geneva Center in Toronto, Ontario the parents shockingly discovered that research-based evidence attested to inclusive education that combined developmentally appropriate practices with natural and augmentative electronic assistive supports to obtain the best possible outcome for children with development delay and/or autism, rather than the school board’s placement in a self-contained classroom without access to the richness of their typically developing peers’ curriculum.


  1. Rather, the ESL program shall strive to enable the ELL to become competent in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the English language in order to master content-area skills.

  2. An ESL Program Specialist is able to demonstrate through practice the following skills and attributes ➢ In the area of language, the ESL Program Specialist demonstrates a deep understanding of the English language’s structures, functions, forms.

  3. They can build on their existing first-language skills when learning English in an ESL use of flexible groupings for instruction and the provision of ongoing assessment are important elements of programs that accommodate a diversity of learning needs.

  4. Adaptations and supports • supply or recommend translation dictionaries, modified curricular materials and other resources to accommodate ESLWhen providing English as a Second Language ESL programs, school boards should recognize that an ESL program is transitional in nature.

  5. This program is part of our recruitment, retention and career development strategy related to diversity and inclusion, and ultimately increase the percent of employees with disabilities at Microsoft.

  6. Diversity and Language ESL Students in the University Classroom Anne Bliss, University Writing Program. Laboratory work is a very essential part of any science course, and instructors face a great challenge in accommodating the needs of disabled students in the laboratory.

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