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You are in red high heels, a very short, tight black skirt and a flimsy pink silk shirt. I can see the precise outline of your shapely ass in the skirt.As I requested, you are bra-less and in the cool evening air your nipples are pushing proudly against the thin shirt material for all to see.Having called from the hotel to make a reservation, I call you to tell you what I want you to wear and to wait for me on the street outside your apartment at eight thirty.As you come out of your building at eight twenty five, I am already parked along the street, watching you on the sidewalk.I wait there for several more minutes, staying out of sight. You feel a mixture of embarrassment and real excitement, as their eyes devour you.Numerous cars slow down as they go by, the drivers' attention on your body rather than on the road. After another few minutes of watching, I pull out and drive up to you.

This evening I have promised to come over and take you out for dinner, somewhere really smart.

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You move to sit up, but I put my hand on your head and gently push you back down. Your hand begins to move rhythmically, slipping up and down easily, going faster and faster. Your tongue winding round my most sensitive area until I have to come, still with my cock clamped firmly in your mouth.

I jerk four or five times and with each jerk a spurt of come bursts out of my cock and flows into your throat.


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