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Anthropomorphic dating behavior

There is less pressure on them to achieve financial success. They are given priority by emergency and medical services.Some might call these statistical trends “female privilege.” Yet everywhere and at all times, say men’s rights advocates, the “lived experiences” and perceived oppression of women is given a hundred per cent of the airtime, in defiance of the reality that women haven’t just achieved parity with men but have overtaken them in almost every conceivable respect.They are also supported by the current state of the sex wars, which are constituted bizarrely.One of the remarkable things about recent high-profile skirmishes with feminists is how few mainstream heterosexual men have been involved.Some of them will read pick-up artist books or go to seminars by people such as Roosh V if they don’t get it or need to be trained out of “white knight” behaviours instilled in them by a female-dominated culture.

Many young men literally perform a cost-benefit analysis and decide that women aren’t worth the hassle.

There are more scholarships available to them in college.

They receive better and cheaper healthcare, and can pick from favourable insurance packages available only to girls.

In the Gamer Gate video games controversy, opposition to “social justice warriors” and their attempts at censorship on Twitter has come from older gay men in public life and younger geeks, gamers and drop-outs; in the case of Matt Taylor, it was geeks and other women.

Straight young men simply don’t want to know any more. Some women, too, horrified by what lesbianised third-wave feminism claims to do in their name, opt out of the argument.


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