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Audrina corey dating

She also revealed she dumped Corey to get him off the show.

"I told him, 'We're going to film one more time, I'm going to kind of let you go because I don't want to involve you in what's going on or about to happen,'" she told .

I’ve gained weight mostly in my thighs and butt, and my boobs are suddenly giant. We just finalized the guest list, and it’s about 130 people, mostly family. There were three or four days during my first trimester when I could not get out of bed and all I wanted to do was sleep.

I haven’t found a dress yet, because I can’t try them on.

The couple are parents to one-year-old daughter Kirra Max Audrina and 35-year-old Corey started dating on-and-off in 2008, and announced their engagement in November 2015.

"Like taking her to the beach and putting her toes in the sand. ” (Photo Credit: Getty Images) In the mid-2000s, Corey was one of the world's best dirt jumpers, according to his X-Games bio.

Audrina also said she believes there is a risk of Corey abducting Kirra and taking her to Australia, where his family lives.

"I am very concerned, especially since he has our daughter's birth certificate, that he might obtain a passport for her and take her to Australia without my consent," she stated in her documents.

"These problems have existed their entire relationship," a source told .

have been following Audrina Patridge's relationship with her now estranged husband Corey Bohan since their very first date, which just happened to be filmed for the MTV series.


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