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In Pre-Hispanic times it was a symbol of hospitality and wealth.

Before the Spaniards arrived in America, the natives created the foam using 2 small gourd cups, pouring from the top of one another, repeating this process until the desired foam was formed.

it will take many generations, in fact a Pre-Hispanic Molcajete and its pestle was found in tombs in Tehuacán Puebla, in perfect conditions.

The Molcajete is used to grind spices, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, etc. It is said that a salsa or a guacamole made in a molcajete has a better flavor that one made in a blender. It’s a basic cooking utensil in the Mexican kitchens.

It is also used to grind seeds or dry peppers and spices. Like the more popular Molcajete, it is made out of black or dark gray porous basalt volcanic stone.

When the Metate is used the woman will face the higher end of the stone, and she will be kneeling on the floor.

The Molcajete, a word that comes from for bowl, is the mortar of México, dating back several thousand of years ago.

El Molcajete is made from a volcanic stone carved in one piece, with a hand stone used for grinding, called temachín or tejolote from the Náhuatl words meaning stone that is used for crushing or grinding.

Funny thing is that even in the early 1940’s a Metate was considered as an excellent gift for a newlywed woman, now it will be a more sophisticated Kitchen Aid, I guess.

The foam will form with the twisting motion of your hands.

Spaniards loved chocolate so much that later on, they started serving it in Spain as Hot Chocolate.

Isn’t it amazing that we use a tool that was used since Pre Hispanic times?

Because it is so handy in any Mexican home, having been invented 6000 years ago in Mesoamerica, the bowl with three legs has not changed much and for a Molcajete to get out of shape or get broken, well ….


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