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Cancers dating aquarius

The differences in character here are almost overwhelming. Cancer is emotional, Aquarius is rational, even aloof.

Cancer is a homebody, Aquarius is at his or her best in a group of people.

Feeling rejected and unwanted, the Cancer woman, in her turn, will become uncommunicative.

The relationship between the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman will face many difficulties, and in case of a marriage, the difficulties will be both many and serious.

While the uniqueness of his thoughts and actions may surprise the woman.

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Aquarius can take a Cancer out of his/her shell for ever, the same way Cancer can teach Aquarius to know the world through the five senses.Cancer will likely find the impatient and idealistic Aquarius partner to be more than he or she is able to handle, while the Aquarius individual may find it hard to sense any excitement in the relationship, given Cancer's sensitivity and vulnerability.Essentially, therefore, these two will have very little in common, excepting perhaps that the friendly and normally interesting Aquarius subject tends to hold much attraction for the cautious Cancer, who will be intrigued with the display of openess and spontaneity.Are Aquarians and Cancerians Suitable For Each Other? Cancer needs to learn to be free and not to depend on anyone, and Aquarius needs to learn to accept love, to let him/herself be overwhelmed, invaded by Cancer's feelings. It's a relationship that, in a way, can be the expression of the famous generation gap. Incompatible signs such as Aquarius and Cancer look for each other when time has come to take the final step towards their spiritual evolution.They learn to be close friends and take each other into a new, mesmerizing level of relationship where the conversation is not only through the mouth but also through body language and the eyes. Talking about the compatibility of Aquarius male and Cancer female, the difficulties may arise when the man tries to figure her secrets out making her nervous and awkward, even though both prefer keeping a part of their lives to themselves.These problems are, however, futile in front of the much larger and intense feelings of love and affection they share. She is smart and has is funny in a very subtle way.She bores an adorable nature and is protective in a relationship.An Aquarius-Cancer couple can often change the world.At one point, the Aquarius man will be irritated by the Cancer woman who pays too much sentimental importance to sex.


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