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We may know a mature believer who mentors us in God's Word, while in turn, we take time to mentor a brand new follower of Christ.Mutual friendships are quite different than mentoring friendships.Remember, true Christian friendships are rare treasures.They take time to nurture, but in the process, we grow more Christlike.A true Christian friend will wisely avoid intruding and recognize your need to maintain other relationships. I believe this is what Proverbs means when it says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."As we've reviewed these traits of godly friendships, we've probably recognized areas that need a little work in our efforts to build stronger bonds.

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The mentor may need to pull back and take time for spiritual renewal.

Trusts Completely (NIV)This proverb reveals that a true Christian friend is trustworthy, indeed, but emphasizes a second important truth as well.

We should only expect to share complete trust with a few loyal friends.

In a mentoring relationship we teach, counsel or disciple other Christian friends.

This is a relationship based on ministry, similar to the kind Jesus had with his disciples.


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