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Dating coca cola bottle caps

Prior to that, it had been a soda fountain item as well as a syrup being sold in bottles as a patent medicine.The earliest Biedenharn Coca Cola bottles used a Hutchinson patent bottle.These bottles were in common use for many types of soda and spring water from about 1880 to 1910.Coke was not the only company that used this type of bottle.Coke was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1891.The Coca Cola Company sold the first bottle of Coca Cola in March 1894.

Similar Categories Vintage Coca-Cola - Bottles / Carriers / Crates / Cans / Caps | Foreign - Bottles / Cans / Crates / Caps | Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles - 75th Anniversary Style / Tall Style | Coca-Cola Bottles - 8 Oz.Each bottle was embossed with, "Biedenharn Candy Company, Vicksburg, Miss." Currently there have been over 16,000 different embossed Hutchinson style bottles located.You can see a picture of the Hutchinson style bottle by visiting a bottle identification website; scroll about halfway down the page to find the image.Ben Thomas, one of the bottlers, said that the consumer should be able to recognize the Coke bottle in the dark, just by feel.By 1916 the now familiar contoured bottle had been developed.Old Spice, Avon and Texaco are all companies whose brands are collectible because they remind consumers of a simpler era.Enjoying, collecting, and displaying old Coca Cola products are a popular pastime for many hobbyists and collectors.There are two styles of the Hutchinson Coke bottle: After 1900 the company used a straight sided bottle with crown tops.Crown top refers to the type of bottle that has a lip. This style of bottle protected the carbonation and flavoring of the Coke much better than the old Hutchinson bottles.These can be found in a number of glass colors including: While value will depend a lot on the condition of the bottle, as a general rule amber bottles will command higher prices than the other colors.In 1913 the company wanted a more distinctive bottle so that the Coca Cola was easily recognizable to consumers.


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