Dating column

Before treating the deterioration on your columns, consider how the effects of the same deterioration have affected the porch structure itself.

They are characteristic of Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Renaissance Revival style buildings, and they also appear variously interpreted on a range of 20th century houses.

The earliest written description of any of the Orders is in Vitruvius, a first century Roman architect, who describes the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian, with notes on the Tuscan.

Fourteen hundred years after Vitruvius, the Florentine architect Alberti described the Orders by referring to Vitruvius’ writings and carefully observing the Roman ruins for himself.

It is the most humanly intimate of all material" he says.

"Also, in the age of green building, it is a fully renewable natural resource. It’s hard to tell the difference." Many renovators choose man-made columns for the exterior and wood for the interior, Siewers says.


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