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Dating during divorce california world of warcraft dating

A no fault divorce is one in which neither spouse needs to prove that the other has done something wrong in order to file for a divorce.

So, it does not matter if either of you has dated another person or not; either party can still get a divorce.

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However, if it is obvious that your new partner has boosted your lifestyle in any way, it is likely that it will affect your spousal support order.

Remember that during child custody determinations, the court is likely to consider your child's opinion on which parent he or she would like to live with, especially if your child is at least 14 years old.

You may or may not let your children know that you are dating a new person during your divorce.

It is important to ensure that the person you are dating is someone you want to meet your children, and that both you and your children are ready for it before it happens.

Spending community property, or shared money, on a person you are dating prior to the finalization of your divorce may cause issues during the division of property section of your divorce.

You’ll need to consider not only how your children may react to learning that you are dating someone new, but also how your child’s other parent may react, and how that may affect your custody agreement.


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