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Dating dynamics podcast

We all know that men and women are supposed to be 'happy' together. Emily and Scot look at the big picture, welcoming some gold-plated advice from a pair of Special Guest Marie Forleo (

There's a lot of talk about how to create attraction.

Tyler of ( starts the video randomly bumping into a Gary Vaynerchuck meet up in New York City.

The Gary Vee event inspires Tyler to talk about the concept of selling where you offer value first, then receive.

What most guys call a slut or slutty behavior is an expression of their own insecurity and weak inner game.

If you want to learn about motivation, inspiration, success, how to pick up girls, how to be a pick up artist, how to hustle, how to grind, and how to get laid from the Real Social Dynamics of RSDTyler, RSDLuke, and RSDMaze, watch this self help seminar that will build your social skills and game to new levels.

Whether you're looking for new shows to add to your lineup, or you're new to the listening experience altogether, there has never been a better time for podcasts — especially given the amount that are produced for and by women. There's an entire library of pods that speak directly to you and what's going on in your life.

This seminar will reveal self development secrets you'd rarely see in a self help book, to improve your success, spiritual growth, motivation, inspiration, how to pick up girls, and crush it in your personal growth.

Do you want to know how you can learn from Tyler no matter where you are?

That being the case you want to understand what it means to be win/win. You will discover secrets on dating, sex, relationships, and pick up artist methods that few people know exist.

All in the format of Madison's best Real Social Dynamics teaching - you will see the game played at a high level and do the same thing!


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