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Dating first email subject

Here is an example: Hi, My name is [INSERT NAME HERE]. You can actually go either way – wink or message him.

I read your profile and see we have a few things in common. I’ve been winked at countless times (yes, I’m bragging) and after I see the wink, I will check out her profile and message her if interested. Girls have all the power…oh well, enough complaining.

Ok ladies, you’re going to be getting lots of winks and smiles and emails but why leave your white picket fences up to chance?

Why not look around an email a few guys on your own.

I’ve been there before, searching online dating sites and coming across a profile of the future Mrs. The stress alone can freeze some people up worse that if they had to say hello in person.

You want to make the best first impression you can for your potential match.

Most times, she’ll ignore you unless you look semi-datable in your profile picture or your description reads like a romance novel.

If she read your profile and ignored you then maybe it’s for the best.

If she wasn’t interested in who you are, assuming you took the time to really lay it all out in your dating profile, then there probably wouldn’t have been much there anyway. In the above email example, the subject line can be “A Fellow [INTEREST] Fan!

With the online message, you don’t get the benefit of a shy smile or showing off the product of all that time in the gym.

First messages in online dating are like first impressions, you only get one and a bad one will get you shut down fast.


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