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Dating guys with beards dating for single parents in

If you think cuddling is bad, kissing is practically impossible.

And nothing kills your mood more than having to make him lift his mustache to reveal his lips before puckering up. People love to compare famous beards to non-famous beards.

Ladies, let's face it, mature, sexy and confident women such as ourselves shouldn't have to suffice with a mere boy.

And by boy I mean, a 'slicker-than-lube', (I cringe as I type this) clean shaven man.

So then I have to go and bat the food out of his face — like a monkey picking lice out of her friend's fur. My boyfriend's face is now twice the size of mine, thanks to his facial fur.

I practically need a selfie stick in order to get both of our heads in the same frame for a picture.

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The thing about beards is that people LOVE to talk about them and also touch them.Basically, if you've ever had a complex about having a big head, just date a guy with a beard. If you think your makeup routine is lengthy, just wait until your dude grows a beard and gets really, really into all the man grooming products out there.My BF has beard balm, oil, soap, a handmade comb he ordered on Etsy, and that's just the beginning.Because, you see, there's a big difference between knowing a dude with a giant beard and a dude with a giant beard.Let me tell you — it's not as glamorous as even the most ardent lumbersexual lover would hope.Also, if he's ever complained that your hair is everywhere, just wait until you find scraggly beard hair in the sink and shower all of the time. Everyone expects me to be just as crazy about his hairy face as he is and — no pun intended — it just hasn't grown on me.It's not pleasant, but on the bright side, at least he'll be more understanding about your shedding. So now I constantly feel like the lame girlfriend who rains on the beard parade.I've been dating a guy for seven years and he's had a giant beard for the last 365 days and it's been...interesting.He loves it, I hate it, and we both laugh about it a lot.I know they're still there, but they're just SO furry these days.I've resorted to staring at old beardless pictures and it helps a bit.


  1. Is a free online dating site where guys with beards can find suitable dating partners who are into the scruff.

  2. Nov 11, 2015. Ladies, let's face it, mature, sexy and confident women such as ourselves shouldn't have to suffice with a mere boy. And by boy I mean, a 'slicker-than-lube', I cringe as I type this clean shaven man. For everyone who thinks that men with zero facial hair are 'well-groomed', well I hate to burst your bubble,I.

  3. Oct 24, 2017. Trading in your boyfriend or husband for someone new? Do it right this time. Read 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man with a Beard!

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