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Dating money etiquette

Since you’ll be doing this a lot in Japan, it’s nice to have shoes that come on and off easily.Because of this, it’s also a good idea to make sure your socks match (and don’t have any holes in them)! When you enter the bathroom, leave your non-bathroom slippers outside of the bathroom, and switch to the bathroom slippers.

However, if your date shows up fashionably late, you are technically not supposed to make a big deal about it—"for the sake of the date," says Meier. According to Meier, 45% of the lovelorn Google their potential mate before a date.Bowing is also used when thanking someone or apologizing. If possible, we recommend traveling to Japan with shoes that slip on and off easily.Before entering a home, a matting, you will need to remove your shoes.The part where many non-Japanese commit an accidental is by forgetting to switch back to non-bathroom slippers upon leaving the bathroom.Do your best to avoid this slip-up, otherwise you may be greeted by (friendly) laughter upon returning to the table still wearing bathroom slippers!For travelers from countries where tipping is prevalent (such as the US), it may feel odd to receive such amazing service and not leave a tip.The fact is, tipping is simply not expected – it’s really not a part of Japanese culture – so if you leave a tip it will only cause confusion, and almost definitely won’t be accepted!As long as you act kindly and with respect, you’ll fit right in – even if you do make an etiquette mistake (or two) once in a while!That being said, making a little effort can go a long way, and Japanese people are extremely appreciative when travelers make the effort to learn their customs.In Japan, money is rarely passed directly from hand to hand.When purchasing an item or service – rather than handing your money to the cashier – place your payment (whether cash or credit) on the small tray provided. This practice is prevalent in Japan, and you’ll see it in hotels, restaurants, taxis, convenience stores, cafes, bath houses, train stations, and even at the local Starbucks!


  1. Senior Dating Etiquette Tips. you’re likely wondering what the current dating etiquette rules are that you and your date. It’s not always about the money.

  2. Dating Etiquette My girlfriend left. Slowly count your money in front of her while she tries to talk to you. I've done my fair share of dating.

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