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Define the word intimidating

Globalization in the 21 century is an issue that’s roots date back to the beginning of trade and commerce and has been argued to be an inevitable evolutionary process, by pro-globalization advocates such as political scholar Deepak Lal.

The last principle of identity also can be applied to the issue of refugees and migration.There is a need for the international community to deal with such problems but it should be dealt with on a case by case basis and one country The collective goods problem is one that affects everyone in the international community, and I believe these issues are some of the most complex problems the world faces today.How can problems that may arise in countries that have different ideas and different standards, as well as different goals and needs for their country, be solved by the world community?It is through communication, technology, outsourcing of jobs, supply chaining, huge multinational corporations and other political and economic forces that are nourishing this growth, and the rate in which the world is globalizing has increased rapidly since the 20One concept that supports this development of globalization is neo liberalism.Neo-liberalism is a concept that deals with economic liberalism as oppose to political liberalism and support the development of economic systems that promote economic freedoms of the classic liberalism age of the 18 These economic systems encourage freedom of markets and less interference.On the contrary, if one country expels a number of foreign diplomats from a country for spying, the other country will respond by expelling the same amount of diplomats.Reciprocity fuels arms races as each side responds to the others buildup of weapons (Goldstein and Pevehouse, 2009, 7).When one country admitslarge number of refugees, the international community sees this and recognizes them for that act.At the same time, some countries that promote strict nationalism in domestic politics will not allow immigration at all.This problem may never be solved, but the three basic principles of dominance, reciprocity and identity can be applied in hopes of one day finding solutions to these complex predicaments.Globalization is a highly complex, contradictory, and ambiguous set of ideas, institutions, social relations as well as the flow of goods, services technologies, cultural forms and people(Kellner 2002, 3).


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  2. Intimidating definition, to make timid; fill with fear. See more.

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  4. During my undergrad studies I became fascinated with religious mysticism. Mysticism is religious practice off the beaten path; basically the idea that one.

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