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Each group is engaged in what we believe are later stages of diligence, which may include discussions with potential drug buyers, wholesalers and distributors, that we believe will help refine their commercial plans.

Although of course, no assurances are possible, my belief is that we are finally nearing the conclusion of this process, and I am hopeful that our next communication will be to announce a definitive agreement and provide information concerning when Symjepi may be available in the market.” The main risk to investing in Adamis is that there is no guarantee that any deal will consummate.

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Prior to this robust appreciation, the stock had been beaten down due to the lengthy delay of a commercialization partner for its FDA-approved epinephrine injection, Symjepi.

Based in San Diego, CA, Adamis is focusing on the innovation and commercialization of therapeutics to treat allergy and respiratory diseases.

While the various molecules in-development (as indicated in figure 2) can deliver robust values, we are most interested in the lead therapeutic, epinephrine (Symjepi).

To name a few, Nektar, Spectrum, Atara, and Kite procured over 376%, 192%, 214%, and 82% profits, respectively.

Our secret sauce is extreme due diligence with expert data analysis.


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