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In the UK, many were shocked by the Lindford Christie saga, however he first tested positive in 1988, at the start of his career, for the banned stimulant pseudoephedrine; not surprisingly he has now lost the contract for whiter than white whites.It was the Irish swimmer Michelle Smith de Bruin who brought the reality of doping home to our own doorstep; while the country was divided in 1998 as to whether she was a sporting Jenny or a bold deceiver, the IOC confirmed that there was "Whiskey in the Jar" and the amount therein defied all possible human consumption.The use of strychnine was superseded by amphetamine, following its development in the 1930s.In 1960, the Danish cyclist, Kurt Jensen, died after overdosing on amphetamine in an attempt to seek competitive advantage and the search for control measures began.In the last three decades a number of names have joined the cheaters' hall of fame including Ben Johnson (stanozolol), Dan Mitchell (testosterone), Lindford Christie (nandrolone), Olga Yegorova (erythropoetin) and Andrea Raducan (pseudoephedrine), to name a few.

The berserkers', a class of ancient Norse warriors who fought frenziedly, "berserk" behaviour was attributed to a deliberate diet of wild mushrooms.The Ancient Olympics in Greece were riddled with corruption and doping to the extent that the games had to be dissolved.In Ancient Rome, gladiators drank herbal infusions to strengthen them before chariot races and going into battle.It is estimated that as many as 10,000 athletes were processed through the GDR doping machine.The former state sports physician Manfred Hoeppner, and the Head of the GDR Sports Federation, Manfred Ewald (1961 - 1988), received a 22 month sentence in 1999 for unlawful use of drugs.Many of the athletes were given performance enhancing agents without their knowledge; 142 former female athletes experienced androgenic changes, infertility and delivery of abnormal offspring as a result of involuntary drug abuse and are currently seeking compensation in the courts; an initial payment of 2 million euro has been paid by the German parliament.Heidi Krieger, the GDR shot-putter had so many testosterone injections that she opted for a gender change and now lives as Andreas Krieger."The potential benefits to society and to the individual from sport will only be maximised where fair play is centre stage" Council of Europe Sport goes beyond a measure of athletic excellence and the winning of trophies and medals.Sport is an integral thread in the fabric of society and enriches our daily lives.The doping scourge has continued into the new millennium.Alain Baxter came from 63rd in the world to attain a bronze medal in this year's Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City, only to be stripped of his medal after a positive test that could only have been attained had the nasal spray implicated been swallowed whole.


  1. The McAfee Agent is the distributed component of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator McAfee ePO. It downloads and enforces policies, and executes client-side tasks such as.

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