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Finance 3.1 has been continuously developing its three historical areas of expertise: Finance, Data & Code.

In order to help its clients to enhance the visual quality of their models and charts, the company reinforced its expertise in design by creating a new department.

She is also one of the main contributors of Finance 3.1’s blog.

Previously, she worked as business performance analyst at the financial department of Areva.

=ISFORMULA(B2) The ISFORMULA result will show TRUE if there is a formula in the referenced cell, even if the result is an error.

In the screenshot below, there is a VLOOKUP formula in cell B2, and its result is an #N/A! The ISFORMULA function is used in cell B4, with a reference to B2, and the result is TRUE.

It also launched Up Slide, the most complete add-in for Microsoft Office (currently used by several thousand users in more than 30 countries).For example, the formula in cell C2 is: =A2*B2 To apply conditional formatting that will highlight the cells with formulas: Now, the cells with formulas are colored gray, and the cells without formulas have no fill color.You can combine the ISFORMULA function with the FORMULATEXT function (also new in Excel 2013), to check for a formula in the referenced cell. If there is no formula, show a message, such as, "Not a formula" In the screen shot below, there is a formula in cell B2, and a number typed in cell B3.Optimal tools are created by consultants that understand perfectly your specific needs, guaranteeing record time development.Our tools are conceived iteratively, following the SCRUM methodology.Previously, Philippe worked as a corporate finance advisor at Accuracy. Within Finance 3.1, Antoine is an expert in reporting improvement and automation.Antoine is also CEO at Up Slide, the most complete Microsoft Office add-in facilitating the generation of reporting.Prior to founding Finance 3.1 in 2009, he specialized in providing guidance to financially distressed companies at E&Y and Duff&Phelps.Antoine graduated from the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées and holds a MSc from the London School of Economics. For more than four years, she has been developing financial and strategic tools for major French companies, such as Sanofi, L’Oréal and BNP Paribas.In the screenshot below, numbers are typed in columns A and B.A formula in column C multiplies those two amounts.


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