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Cadence always thought the picture was both beautiful and sexy.The man speaks in an authoritative tone and tells the girl all of the humiliating and nasty things he intends on doing to her.When she picked up the little yellow sticky note it surprised her."There will be someone coming by around 1 to drop off our new washing machine.She wasn't anything extraordinary, but she knew that she was attractive due to the many stares from the boys she knew from school.

The people were dull, the material was dull, her life had slowly became dull.Cadence typed in one of her old favorites knowing it always got her off quickly and that she didn't have much time.Clicking through the multiple pages of adult consent and underage warnings she finally saw the man with the salt and pepper beard appear on the screen."Hi, I am assuming you're here to deliver the new washer? When they got it inside the placed it in the middle of the room, they turned to look at her. The men shared a look and smiled warm smiles at her. " The two men followed the girl through the house and up the stairs to the laundry room as her mother requested. Now we just have to go downstairs and take care of some paperwork and we'll be home free, Butch." The smaller more plump man said to the taller one.Cadence followed the men back down the stairs, attempting to distract herself with her phone.Please use your manners and help them with whatever they need.Have them carry it upstairs and into the laundry room.No matter what the other girls said, she knew she was beautiful and loved admiring herself as she stood there in her black lacy bra and panties.Soon she turned to put some real clothes on, it was only in the afternoon and she could not just waltz around for the rest of the day practically naked.Cadence quickly turns off the video and wipes her hands on her pant leg hoping what she was just doing would not be noticeable.Cadence rose quickly from her place on the couch and skipped over to the door opening it wide to come face to face with two older men and a large cardboard box.


  1. The Daily Scam is very sad to report a scam that seems to be targeting men on social media like Facebook, but then progressing to the use of Skype for video chatting. The scam can be summed up in one word sextortion. UPDATED 12-3-17 below. Blackmail. Sextortion is a form of blackmail. The victim is coaxed into.

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