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Happy Easter to ALL.i was reading earlier that vetting the member will take some time.i was wondering because waynes group is the largest by far i think in the thousands. Talk Shoe call on January 3, 9 PM "Looking forward to 2017 - Reviewer: Goldrush 12/23/16 PM EST Full Comment: It was nice to hear from Mr Millard in his latest newsletter that he is so confident and with such a wisdom about what they are doing for us.As we know the banks main staff members and admin go on vacation for at least a month until about middle of January to February also that is the way that it is with the cabal banking system.I hope the Cabal don't stop the payout they always like to interfere and obstruct in our affairs. About a mounth ago we were at 89% with the EMS similations and we were getting very close again to the initial payout then somthing happend, they had to do a stresstest and they came up with the offer 17 for 1 shares.The simulations will be completed around December 15th or maybe earlier, EMS strives to have their administration 100% completed on December 15, so that the initial payout can be started immediately.This means that we will receive the initial payout before Christmas. If so how will investors whose trust accounts are located in that country be able to transfer funds?

You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living The 17 for 1 offer has nothing to do with the stress test itself.We are now at 100% of simulations..banks are clear to trade in big dollars. I would love to hear a good time frame after March 7th.Now we wait for the stress tests to be cleared..long will this take? The frustration of these delays is becoming all too frequent. I am glad to see they decided to enter the world of Crypto Currencies though.What do you think will happen when "amazon" or "walmart" jumps in and gets involved???Hold on because this ride is about to get bumpy and high!!!Some have even moved on and forgotten about EMS/HCI because of the constant delays over the years anyway.We all hope that something happens next year on another note.I just hope that the Banks do not come up with any new surprise after the simulations are completed."being that I read on the latest update that we can still buy more shares (EMS) I wanted a few more and wanted to know if there is any other form of payment we can access to buy shares.the guy here who takes our payments takes double to the amount listed in the site. It's time for EMS to bring this to a close they are running out of excuses it's time for them to get the job done and focuss on a payout rather than building monuments. When it comes to Imperia Invest IBC the information coming from the Wayne's and other peoples too is very questionable and suspicious as back in the day I was part of a large downline from here in America to date despite Wayne saying that thousands of packages have been confirmed over the years none of this large down line have received a package members of this large downline keep in regular contact with other downlines to and they have not received either.if its going take a few days to vet 1 or 2 members pre day most likey this group will take years just to get to new york if that is the case from what i read. We seem to get stuck in when these programs will pay. I was very happy to be selected by them to participate together with some others in a live test for EMS in respect to the process that everyone of us will go thru when we come to New York.Can someone provide me the email to the host so I may give him the information on a system that is transparent and has made my life a lot simpler at earning income. We who have been selected for this live test will get our 00 paid out in the beginning of next year 2017 and then we will travel to New York and go thru the process that will take place there.


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  3. Full Comment I am not sure how long any of this will take. Hopefully not too long! I would love to hear a good time frame after March 7th. I am glad to see they.

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