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Behind the pipes on the back wall, you will find the key that will free her and bring you one step closer to the man responsible for the loss of your child.Will you claim the key to save only yourself, or can you find it within you to save another? The persons tested in this trap were Jeff Denlon, a vengeful father who suffered from severe depressions after the death of his 8-year-old son, Dylan, in a car accident three years ago, and Danica Scott, the only witness of Dylan's death, who had fled the scene and refused to testify against the drunk driver, Timothy Young, out of fear of the consequences her decision might have.Despite his initial hesitation, Jeff eventually opened the door, causing a cold air draft blew towards him.As he entered the freezer room, he saw the dark silhouette of Danica before him.However this attempt remained unsuccessful as well.

When the water stopped once more, she apologized for her mistake and begged Jeff to look at her.

As she was chained up, she wouldn't have any chance to run away like she did three years ago.

Jigsaw offered him the chance to take revenge on her by just letting her freeze to death, but also told him, that he could save her by obtaining the key to her chains, which hung from a wire behind several cooling pipes on the room's back wall.

As he came closer, the woman suddenly moved, causing Jeff to realize that she was still alive.

The woman, who was immediately scared by the situation and initially thought that Jeff had done this to her, talked to him and begged him to help her, as she was freezing and already couldn't feel her arms anymore.


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