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But of course, you can learn some basic conversational phrases to get by in only a few hours!

Are you going on holiday to a French speaking country?

When you book a lesson package, I give you some extra time to have your lessons so if something comes up, if you go on holiday or if you feel unwell, you have enough time to have your lessons.

If you book a 4 week package, you’ll have 6 weeks to have your lessons.

The booking system won’t allow any change or cancellation less than 24 hours in advance.

After this time, please send me a text message on 00 339 77 21 51 09 or a message via Skype.

It is very nice to help people progress and see them becoming more confident as a result.

We’ll practise the grammar during and after the lesson and, of course, speak as much as possible!Pay Pal will also take care of the currency conversion. no, Pay Pal doesn’t pay me for this free advertisement on my website, but they should!; ) ) To view my teaching schedule, you’ll first need to register as a new student. If you prefer, and I can just create an account for you.I have taught all levels and all age groups in a wide range of settings including language schools, primary schools, universities, companies, public institutions (for ex: Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)/ Canadian High Commission) and of course on Skype!Yes, I have 3 teaching qualifications: How long it takes to someone to make a certain progress, depends on a number of factors like: – the individual learning pace in general – the previous knowledge of grammar (those with much knowledge tends to progress faster) – how much homework the learner is able to do between lessons (faster if more homework) – knowledge of other(s) foreign language(s), those who already speak another foreign language, especially a Latin language (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian) progress faster.Unfortunately, unless you give 24 hours’ notice, the lesson will need to be charged as it would be too late by then for me to offer the timeslot to another student.To learn more about my terms and conditions, During the lesson an adult must stay in the same room to supervise and assist him/her with the technology if needed.Classics lessons allow you to study a little bit of everything: you will listen to an audio document, study the vocabulary and a grammar point.We will practise the grammar during and after the lesson and of course, we’ll speak!Yes I can : ) To learn more, please Because I love languages and I love meeting new people from all over the world, learning about their traditions, cultures, personal interests and professions; in fact I think I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.I find it captivating to see people learning a new language and by doing so, achieving their wider goals (ex: applying for a new job in France, talking to their French speaking family- in- law etc).


  1. On request at the moment. To book a trial lesson, please send me an email at [email protected] the tittle TRIAL LESSON. Lessons for your child During the lesson an adult must stay in the same room to supervise and assist him/her with the technology if needed. The supervision of an adult is.

  2. Once you have found your language exchange partner, get straight to chatting! Does your written French need some work? Start an email exchange, or write old-school letters and revive the art of postal exchange. Want to master your conversational skills? Make the most of the 21st century and organize Skype, Facetime or.

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