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Gay dating in higgins texas

There was a 1990's performer who was known for his fountain-like cumshots.

Paul Morgan was his name, he was in so many films but then just vanished. I've run into that Jack Radcliffe character a couple different times in social situations in San Fran and Guerneville.

The 2 I am eager to see pics of today are the glorious, sexy TONY MECELLI and MAX GRANDE.

Also: Tino Lopez Victor Rios Enrico Vega Jeremy Tucker Any updates or new pics of these men would make me ridiculously happy."Googling them will not produce that you complete idiot."Oh, dear!

Let me tell you, I have never encountered such a prissy little fucking cliquish SNOB in all my life.

Hilarious that a fat guy with a small cock and no money thinks so tremendously highly of themselves. there was an old webpage that used to list all the dead gay porn stars (including how they died)... Big guy - not like a lot of these guys who are miniatures, in person. My partner and I were having a late night meal at Norms (Van Nuys) - and we both recognized our waiter as a 90's-era porn star. Also, the receptionist at my partner's doctor's office is a not-so-long-ago COLT star. R94 Whoa, was still thinking of Brad Hunt, circa 90's . Not sure about that - that body, dick, ass , must be equivilent to renting a car, with 2- 300,000 miles on it ! I did not know about Leo Masters, and I forgot about some of the others, like Johnny Rahm and Jake Corbin.2012 seems to have been an awful year of porn deaths.

Retirement is great - even if you have to have sex with a balding, hair-transplanted, roided up, botoxed, alcoholic, drugged up mess ! Sadly, many of them see these guys on film, develop an obsession and buy their love.

Also sadly is that some of rhese porn stars go where the money is, as a permanent escort. Anyone care to give us updates on some of the famous former gay porn stars? Saying that any of the names mentioned here were "big stars" is tantamount to saying that Claudja Barry or Viola wills were huge multiplatinum recording stars.

You meet a multi-millionaire clothes designer, fuck him silly, tell him you love him, and watch the $ flow into your life.He is an active volunteer for charitable hunger and education causes in his spare time. Aiden Shaw is now a hot silver daddy fashion model.We're old pals (yes, he fucked the bejeezuz outta me a few times), and he makes more money now than when he did in pron, and he doesn't even have to take his clothes off.I have known gay men who died of HIV, suicide, homicide and heart failure who had absolutely nothing to do with porn.I also was a bit confused how heart failure kept being listed.He made sure he got some Barrett Long fucking in some cop vid not that long ago.Zak loves to get fucked and Long made sure he got it good.As much as I love those ladies, most of the population would not be able to pick them out of a line-up, visual or audio.These porn models were known by a subculture of a subculture (gay porn aficionados who actually bother to learn the made-up names of the interchangeable performers).I have no idea if it still exists, or is still updated. [quote]Saw muscle daddy Zac Spears in his driveway, watering, last week - lives behind Pavillions, in We Ho, on Keith Ave. Back in the day he was a HOT ginger, and we definitely had a couple of his movies in our collection. Scary when you're picturing a 20 -something, and a 40- something pops up. That video was sobering, yet I don't understand the conclusion at the end: "Do not watch porn." I didn't see how porn necessarily led to the deaths of those men.Many of them were fucked up and promiscuous (those are the sorts of men who do porn): but porn did not make their lives any worse, necessarily.


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