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Gay dating survival guide

If they exceed this level, then leave the situation. Christmas record playing, do not gulp your egg nog and moan that the mere sound of his voice is enough to make you lock the bathroom door and “polish your jingle bells.” (Obviously, if you are with your gay adopted family, this is the only appropriate conversation to have while the record is playing.) 3. post comments, remarks and horrific previous holidays stories below in the comments box.

I have included some light-hearted tips that will help you to have a gay and bright holiday as well (If not something to laugh at). If you are bringing your boyfriend home for the first time, and you are anxious for your family to believe you’re the “man” in the relationship, please refrain from referring to your partner’s sexual proclivities as you walk in the front door. He’s a role-playing power bottom” will not win points with Grams. Pulling out the joke, “Big things come in small packages” while you’re exchanging presents on some holidays and birthdays only makes you look small… If you say it to or in front of your boyfriend, you can forget about any “packages” coming your way until at least Easter. If your mother is baking her traditional ham, no matter how much great-tasting Pinot Grigio has been passed around, do not look at it when it comes out of the oven and refer to it as her “pressed ham.” (Also, referring to it as “Aunt Jenny’s family curse” only works if Aunt Jenny is not in the room.) 5. Finally, if you are staying overnight at your boyfriend’s parent’s house – or at your own parents’ – and they ask you to sleep in separate rooms, keep yourself from getting indignant and snapping back with, “Fine!

Find a happy medium between spending time with friends and family, and spending those special moments with the one you love. While they may not agree with gay issues, gay lifestyle, etc that is no reason for them to be outright rude and hostile towards you or your significant other.

Tell your friends and family of your expectations and toleration level up front. -xoxo Be sure to send in your steamy questions, comments and gossip to Gossip Guy at [email protected]

The options for today’s single person have never been more diverse or readily available. If you are the type of person who values mindfulness and meaningful connection, this routine can be more than a little frustrating. Each generation rewrites the dating rules in their own image.

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Seth eventually agrees to a date with Jennifer, but he expects to keep the "date" with Ned, too.

He spends the rest of the day grinning at him, hugging him, accidentally sabotaging his own attempt to date a girl.

In the last scene he tells Ned, “I’ll pick you up around seven tonight.

If you are coming in from out of town, you may want to consider hotels or motels instead of staying at the home of friends or family.

Go to the parties, mingle, smile, be polite, but at the end of the party, leave and go to your hotel or motel.


  1. Can mindfulness and online dating coexist? Let’s be honest – browsing the wilderness of online dating can feel like sending your ego straight into a land mine field.

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