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Hbo dating series

Peter Gregory has died and is replaced by Laurie Bream to run Raviga Capital.

Richard finds out that Hooli is suing Pied Piper for copyright infringement, claiming that Richard developed Pied Piper's compression algorithm on Hooli time using company equipment.

Richard meets with a company called Flutterbeam that wants to hire him as CTO.

However, after being disappointed by their work, he rejects the offer and decides to stay with Pied Piper.

Afterwards, Richard meets with Jack Barker, Raviga's choice for the CEO of Pied Piper.

Richard struggles under Barker's leadership, which includes spending money on extravagant offices, completely changing the business model to one that goes against the company ethos, and later forcing Richard to work on an idea that he himself came up as a poor idea to demonstrate his frustration.

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After being removed as CEO, Gavin decides to go on a holiday to take his mind off everything.

Gavin now makes a new presentation in front of the board of directors.

where he tells them of his "strategy" to keep up with the industry.

At the airport which hosts his private jet, he bumps into Jack Barker, the now-fired CEO of Pied Piper.

They have a little chat, wherein Gavin incorporates Jack into his Hooli revival.


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