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Interracial dating survey results

Respondents who had ever been paid for sex and those who had had more than one sex partner in the 12 months prior to the interview also had increased odds of ever having had an STD (4.7 and 2.5, respectively).[…]In the multiple logistic regression model, having had sex before age 15 was no longer significantly associated with having received an STD diagnosis.

Furthermore, the samples in study are not poorly educated.Agreement between each pair of sexual risk behaviors was quite low (kappas, 0.05–0.27), suggesting that collinearity is not the explanation for this null finding.DISCUSSION Overall, 9% of study participants reported some type of STD.Not to mention that asians easily surpass whites in income, IQ, and SAT scores in Math.Finally, among the other races in the US, the gender disparity in STD rates is far less pronounced.Being female (odds ratio, 4.1), being Indian (compared with being Filipino; 4.8), having ever been paid money for sex (4.7) and having had more than one sex partner in the past 12 months (2.5) were associated with increased odds of having had an STD diagnosis.The more respondents believed that STDs were responsive to treatment, the greater their odds of having had an STD (2.3); the more they believed that STDs had negative consequences for a relationship, the lower their odds of having had an STD (0.7).Asian american women have been found to be at higher risk than are asian american men to get Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).These figures cannot be explained by lack of education or information.Predictors of STDs Among Asian and Pacific Islander Young Adults Hahm, Lee, Ozonoff, Amodeo METHODS: Data were derived from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, Wave 3; the sample consisted of 605 female and 578 male Asian and Pacific Islander young adults.Logistic regression analysis was used to assess factors associated with ever having had an STD.


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