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Leo woman dating advice

A darker side of Leo is usually quite easy to spot, simply because they love the limelight.

In Love, Leos need lots of attention, but also give a lot of attention in return.

Leo is traditionally represented as the Lion and is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

Here you will find indepth personality information about Leos, what they are like in love, their weaknesses and strengths, and how to attract a Leo girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Authority Symbol: The Lion Key Phrase: I will Duality: Masculine Element: Fire Quality: Fixed Flowers: Marigold and sunflower Trees: Orange and all citrus trees Part of the body ruled by Leo: Heart, back and spines (Emotional strain and physical overexertion cause back and spine ailments in those who are born of this sign.) Ruling Planet: The Sun (The center of our solar system, the Sun is a star that burns with intense fire and supplies us with energy, heat and light.

In astrology, the Sun is the most powerful planetary influence, bestowing vitality and authority.) Day: Sunday Theme: The dynasty Tarot Card: Strength Positive Qualities: Regal, wholehearted, brave, child-like, playful, fun, a natural and powerful leader, warm, protective, affectionate, generous, creative and charismatic Best Quality: Exuberance Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Egotistical, willful, dominating, stubborn, controlling, a show-off, fixed in their opinions, vain and self seeking The Leo zodiac sign is magnetic, playful, fun-loving, generous, proud, powerful, loyal, charismatic, regal, a risk taker, authoritative, attractive and creative. I manifest my desires and design my destiny and share my happiness with everyone around me.” Leo, the lion… Much like the Lion, Leos have an air of royalty to them.


  1. Jan 18, 2012. Advice for Leo women. How your astrology zodiac star sign personality affects the potential for a rel.

  2. Aug 31, 2016. Tips to Date a Leo Woman. 1. Admire Her. Leo woman likes to be admired for their unique ability. When you want to date a Leo woman then you got to be good with compliments. You can easily win a Leo woman's heart by giving her right compliments. Tell her if you like anything about her, tell her what.

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