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Marriage predating the bible

Romans, which has been called his “greatest work” or his “magnum opus,” gets its title from the fact it was written to the church in Rome (1:7, 15).

Paul did not establish the church in Rome, but as the apostle to the Gentiles, he had longed for many years to visit the believers in Rome (-23) that he might further establish them in the faith and preach the gospel there as well (-15).

It appears that Phoebe, who belonged to the church at Cenchrea near Corinth (16:1), carried the letter to Rome. A second purpose was to present a complete and detailed statement of the gospel message God had called him to proclaim. So Paul explains God’s program of salvation for Jews and Gentiles.

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With almost no exception, from the early church this epistle has been credited to Paul.Ryrie has an excellent summary of the theme and contents: More formal than Paul’s other letters, Romans sets forth the doctrine of justification by faith (and its ramifications) in a systematic way.The theme of the epistle is the righteousness of God (-17). 96), there is continuous and abundant evidence that Paul is the author.Evidently at a young age, he went to Jerusalem, and according to his testimony, studied under the well know Gamaliel I, a noted teacher in the School of Hillel (Acts 22:3).In his studies, he had advanced in the religion of the Jews beyond many of his fellows as one extremely zealous for his ancestral traditions (Gal. His zeal as a religious Jew was carried over into the way he zealously sought to persecute the church.He had denied the Christian claim that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God. Saul stood by “consenting unto his death.” But when the Lord Jesus spoke to Saul on the day of the great experience outside Damascus, he knew that Stephen had been right and he had been wrong. The impact must have necessitated great psychological and intellectual readjustments.Further, he did not believe that He had risen from the dead as Stephen had proclaimed when he cried, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God” (Acts ). This may well account for the period spent in Arabia and Damascus before his first visit to Jerusalem (Gal. Then he went back to his home territory and for a period of eight to ten years little is known of his activities.In addition, Paul was a Roman citizen, being Roman born (Acts ).Because of this, he could appeal to Caesar as a citizen of Rome while imprisoned in Philippi (Acts -39).Being anxious to minister in Rome, he wrote Romans to prepare the way for his visit (-17).It was written from Corinth, while completing the collection for the poor in Palestine. Unlike some of his other epistles, Romans was not written to address specific problems.


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