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Some of the information in this article on decoding is from an article in the Detroit Free Press.While not necessarily a spring chicken, I do try to have my hair in a stylish cut.

Also spices that are available in leaf form release a lot more flavor when you crush them yourself.

This is the same daughter who purged all the “mom” jeans out of my closet. Mc Cormick, the famous spice company caught me in the act.

In ads they have been running in magazines, they ask “Do you know the signs of aging? Use the clean jars to hold smaller amounts of spices that come are sold in tiny bags that do not seal. For the spices that you keep, grab a permanent marker and label them on the top 2/08.

If the number is 5, adding 5 makes 10, so the year is 2000.) If there is a single letter at the end of the code, the spice was produced more than three years ago. Then, to find the month of manufacture, divide the other three digits by 50.

The whole number you get is the number of full months before the production month.


  1. McCormick Spices Date Code Decoder - how to check the age of the spices.

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