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Michala banas dating

Libby's storylines have included being involved in a motorbike accident, the loss of her husband Drew Kirk, giving birth to Ben, getting married to Daniel Fitzgerald and subsequently separating from him.

In 2008, Valentine was forced to take sick leave for one month and executive producer, Susan Bower, made the decision to temporarily recast Mc Leod's Daughters actress Michala Banas in the role for a month.

Meanwhile, Alex asks Stevie to buy a horse for Fiona and both end up gaining new respect for one another.It doesn't bother me." At the moment, because I've been pretty busy and I've been working, I'm in a good place and I'm not worried about it.And I'm about to turn 30, which is really exciting.I just wanted to do the best job I could for everyone." Banas explained that Libby is a strong woman with a lot of energy and she tried to keep the essence of the character in her portrayal.However, she said that the only way she could "tackle" the role was to make Libby her own.She made her first on-screen appearance on 3 October 1994 and departed on 5 November 2004, returning briefly for a single episode on 27 July 2005, before returning on 12 November 2007.Libby is the only daughter of Karl and Susan Kennedy and the mother to a son, Ben Kirk.Bower called Mc Leod's Daughters actress, Michala Banas and asked her to take over the role.Banas told the Herald Sun, " It was crazy, a whirlwind.Valentine took leave from Neighbours in 2010 due to ill health and returned to the set in January 2011.A few months later, Valentine took indefinite leave from Neighbours to focus on her health and Libby departed off-screen on .


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