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Quaintly grotesque, too, are some of his designs, as witness the young Puck of four years old, holly-branch in cap, and toys in either hand, riding triumphant through golden space on a glorified cabbage-leaf.Or, again, prettily fantastic, as in this whole series of baby idylls, where coquettish little ladies and gallant little gentlemen play through their little serio-comedy of baby-lifo under the burnished golden sky, and the dapper little robins chirp at them from out the crisp whito snow. Sulman also cultivates the fantastic element, which is not often, for instance, more daringly represented than by this double-jointed Japanese damsel, who so skilfully balances on her uplifted toe the circular tablet which conveys the sender’s wishes for ” a happy new year.” Mr.Few of us are aware that the old playing cards were more numerous and more complicated than those with which we are now familiar.Many of them, now wholly disused in Europe (except possibly among gipsy fortune-tellers), were called Tarots they were nsed for divination long before their combination with number or numera I cards (pip-cards, as we usually call them), and long before either were used for gambling.The vicissitudes of chance have ever had a powerful hold on mankind.” These vicissitudes, as we all know, lead by a well-beaten path to gambling.The convenience of cards for use is one of the reasons why they are so much adopted in playing games of hazard.Here is another, similar in form, but with a glorious group of flowers in the place of the procession.

Some packs comprised tarots only, and ranged to forty or fifty in number.“We now find them spread all over the world, and forming one of the most seductive allurements of all classes of society.The hold thus widely and strongly secured depends, no doubt, on the varied and ready way in which cards may be made to administer both to lawful amusement and to that which is condemned as the exciting vice of gambling.As for Christmas and New Year’s Cards, to say that their name is legion would be to use a very inadequate style of nomenclature.If I had, I won’t say a whole Christmas number, but a whole Christmas volume or two at my disposal, I might, perhaps, be able to deal with the subject in something like detail. Rimmel seem to have laid themselves out more especially to meet the views of those with whom economy is perforce a chief consideration.Thirdly, that although there may be sufficient evidence that they were of very ancient origin in India and China, European nations probably invented them independently, without borrowing from the East.As the learned pundits are no tagreed on this knotty question, we may pass it by—simply remarking that unquestioned specimens are extant dated as far back as the middle of the fourteenth century.To one of the series there must surely be some story attached into the confidence of which the public is not taken.A coquettish damsel in dainty cap and apron, short skirts, aud dapper crimson stockings, leans thoughtfully on the handle of her broom ; and at the back is the legend: Oh, «hen I am sweepping—sweeping, My heart goes into a song, And I fancy that I am breaking All the fetters that do you wrong.Marcus Ward’s are, on the whole, the most attractive of all.Here, for instance, is one charming little “triptych,” with its solemn procession of tiny men and women filing daintily past against the golden background and singing as they go, both words and music being given at the foot.


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