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Net datagridview rowvalidating

In order to bind a master detail relationship it is necessary to set up a Data View : where "author" is the master datatable and "authorbook" is the data relation between the author and book tables.Use the Data Property Name to bind the combobox column to the database datasource as shown in the example here :- Where the combobox appears in the third column of the Data Grid View.When you add, update or delete a row in the Data Grid View there are a number of events that you need to cater for in your code.All that's needed here is to set a flag saying that user Added Row is true When you come to validate the row you just need to check if the flag is true or not and take appropriate action (see below) Deleting a Data Grid View row is fairly easy - use something like : which is actioned on a delete row mouse click.

Well I had to find a solution because I had a Data Grid View which had a recalc mode which meant every time a cell value was changed, potentially all the rows could be updated.Once the row is removed from the datagridview then the User Deleted Row event is automatically triggered.Typically this event would update the data table followed by the command to re-fill the dataset where da1 is the dataadapter.I have to admit it took me a little while to find this after trial and error putting initial values in other events.So, the lesson is you need to look closely at this control because there is much value tucked away.The automatic calling of the event meant that the updates went into overload.The answer is to set another flag in the Row Validating event if the 'Is Current Row Dirty' flag is true.So a record changes in the master record set and a list of detail records appears in the grid relating to the new master record.This is the code I used to add a new Combobox column to a Data Grid View, where the DB field name is trans_type.This happens for primary keys when you are using tabbed pages - quite a common occurrence.The only way round this, I have found is to make sure the page with the datagridview appears first before you start moving through any records.


  1. Try DataGridView. RowsAdded event. Occurs after a new row is added. Wednesday, March 08, 2006 PM. Handle the RowValidating event like this Private.

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