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Her hands ran to the waist of my jeans, and started pulling them down, along with my boxers, until I was sitting there in nothing but a t-shirt and a smile.

Sandy stood up and turned around, bending and rubbing herself against me again, this time letting the head of my cock explore her lace-covered slit.

I exploded deep inside her, and felt her expert pussy milking every drop out of me, slowing as my orgasm ended, knowing exactly how to move to tread the fine line between pleasure and pain. As one of the world's foremost experts in both male and female fertility, Rachel was very busy at the research lab that she ran, especially over the last few years.

As she straddled me again, she reached down and ran her hand over my bulging jeans.

She shook her head and kissed my neck, mumbling something about not being good enough. " With that, she pressed her pussy against the head of my cock and took me in one easy stroke, grinding herself against me as though eager to get every last millimeter of cock she could.

My cock was aching, desperate to feel her surrounding me, loving what warmth and wetness she was sharing already. I want to fuck you hard and fast and deep, and I want you NOW! As she rode me, I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, breathing heavier and heavier and getting completely lost in the moment as her soft body pressed against mine, her huge tits on my chest.

Like I said, comfortable in her body, and happy to be sexy.

I never figured out how old she was, but a little older than me. As the night progressed, the cake was eaten, presents opened, and the younger k**s and their parents went home.


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  3. My wife, Sandy and I are mid 50's, been happily married for over 30 years, our children have all left home and started their own families. Our sex has always been.

  4. Waking in the morning, cuddled up to Sandy, who was still sleeping, I really need a wee! So I quietly got out of bed. Did a wee then shaved and showered.

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