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For some survivors – and those whose lives were affected by the Holocaust – survival stories can reveal glimmers of hope about human nature; for others, to perceive this moment in history as anything but unbearable is to compromise the Holocaust’s implacability.

This was a two-stage international design competition and was run in accordance with EU procurement guidelines and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

Stage One of the competition sought multi-disciplinary creative teams with expertise in architecture and design, landscape architecture, and interpretation.

Teams could also have included an artist, way-finding specialist, access consultant, education specialist, and any other skills which were considered necessary.

Her Majesty’s Government has committed £50 million as its contribution to the total project costs of the National Memorial, the creation and running of a co-located Learning Centre and additional wider educational work on the Holocaust.

In taking forward the winning design, HM Treasury standard Green Book processes for capital projects will be applied.

The Holocaust Commission was clear that the strongest way of delivering those benefits would be through the creation of a co-located Learning Centre.

Following an extensive search of potential sites across London and a detailed analysis of Victoria Tower Gardens, the cross-party UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation formally recommended to Her Majesty’s Government that such a Learning Centre should indeed be co-located (below ground) with the National Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens.

The Learning Centre, expected to be circa 2,650m, will not be a conventional exhibition or teaching centre.

The Memorial’s site, alongside the Houses of Parliament at the heart of Britain’s democracy, is in Victoria Tower Gardens adjacent to the River Thames.

The Gardens already has a memorial-narrative inspired by democratic values, which aligns with the project.

An honorarium of £15,000 was awarded to each of the shortlisted teams following the selection of the winner.

For full details of the Brief, please see the Expression of Interest document.


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  3. Vision. In September 2016, on the advice of the United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Foundation, the Department for Communities and Local Government launched an.

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