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Outdoor dating ideas

As if we needed any more excuses to just Netflix-and-chill our dates away, winter turns out to be the ideal season for homebodies to engage in peak amounts of Staying Indoors 🙌.

It yields perfect opportunities for loafing around and eating with your S.

Think: feeding lamas and horses, and sipping cooling botanical-inspired cocktails infused with summer’s freshest fruits and herbs. Visit historic monuments, go on a bike or boat tour through the major attractions, and take advantage of all the yummy food festivals near you.

Show off your book smarts by taking your date on a mini tour of some of your favorite places.

“Wanna try this new recipe at my place next weekend? BUY ITYou can really tell a lot about a person by the type of wine they’re into.

The number one romantic outdoor date (seriously, you can ask any girl) is the picnic. Find an out of the way field (one with flowers if she isn't allergic).

Nosebleed seats tend to be pretty inexpensive, for the budget-minded, and there are always ticket deals and Groupons in major cities.

And hey, your date night deserves a little more drama (the good kind). If you actually live by a snow resort, forget this idea and grab some skis.

Pack something simple like cheese and crackers and maybe some fresh fruit. You have the perfect romantic summer date that she'll remember forever.

There are only so many picnics you can surprise her with before it isn't as special, so let's look at some other great ideas for outdoor summer fun. Any theme park will do really if she enjoys thrill rides.


  1. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or simply spicing up a blessedly-free weekend, these are the best date ideas that get you fun quality time.

  2. Aug 27, 2014 13 Outdoor Dates In Los Angeles. Sometimes you just need an easy outdoor date where you can keep busy for a couple of hours. Luckily at Griffith Park.

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