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The lake is widely perceived to be a pond, due to lack of inflow from any bodies of water, i.e. Research done at the University of Florence – Faculty of Engineering suggests that there exists an underground spring that provides a continuous stream of water to the lake.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermitage_Museum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louvre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Falterona Publié dans: Ancient Umbria: State, Culture, and Identity in Central Italy from the Iron Age to the Augustan Era, art, Art étrusque, art européen, art occidental, Étrusques, best of art, etrusque, etrusque italie, Mars de Todi (Marte di Todi), Mars de Todi (Marte di Todi) est une statue étrusque en bronze, qui représente le dieu Mars.The language shows phonetic change over time, with the loss and then re-establishment of word-internal vowels due to the effect of Etruscan’s strong word-initial stress.Etruscan religion influenced that of the Romans and many of the few surviving Etruscan language artifacts are of votive or religious significance.

Cherry Grove Lake), named for the cherry groves that grew around the lake.[4] The name Lago degli Idoli (eng.Etruscan had some influence on Latin, as a few dozen Etruscan words and names were borrowed by the Romans, some of which remain in modern languages, among which possibly columna « column », voltur« vulture », tuba « trumpet », vagina« sheath », populus « people ».The phonology of Etruscan is known through the alternation of Greek and Etruscan letters in some inscriptions (for example, the Iguvine Tablets), and many individual words are known through loans into or from Greek and Latin, as well as explanations of Etruscan words by ancient authors.At the time of its extinction, only a few educated Romans with antiquarian interests, such as Marcus Terentius Varro, could read Etruscan.The last person known to have been able to read Etruscan was the Roman emperor Claudius(10 BC – AD 54), who authored a treatise in 20 volumes on the Etruscans, called Tyrrenikà (now lost), and compiled a dictionary (also lost) by interviewing the last few elderly rustics who still spoke the language.Annio also started to excavate Etruscan tombs, unearthing sarcophagi and inscriptions, and made a bold attempt at deciphering the Etruscan language.The 19th century saw numerous attempts to reclassify Etruscan.The Etruscans had a rich literature, as noted by Latin authors.Livy and Cicero were both aware that highly specialized Etruscan religious rites were codified in several sets of books written in Etruscan under the generic Latin title Etrusca Disciplina.According to the 4th century Latin writer Maurus Servius Honoratus, a fourth set of Etruscan books existed; dealing with animal gods, but it is unlikely that any scholar living in that era could have read Etruscan.However, only one book (as opposed to inscription), the Liber Linteus, survived, and only because the linen on which it was written was used as mummywrappings.


  1. The original inhabitants of Campania were three defined groups of the Ancient peoples of Italy, who all spoke the Oscan language, which is part of the Italic family.

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  5. Giacobbe Giusti, Lake of the Idols, MONTE FALTERONA. Tuscany, Monte Falterona, Bronze statue depicting warrior. Etruscan civilization V century b. C.

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