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Performance criteria liquidating damages

A corporation may accept from any shareholder a share of the corporation surrendered to it as a gift including, in Quebec, a legacy but may not extinguish or reduce a liability in respect of an amount unpaid on any such share except in accordance with section 38.

The directors may authorize the corporation to pay a reasonable commission to any person in consideration of the person’s purchasing or agreeing to purchase shares of the corporation from the corporation or from any other person, or procuring or agreeing to procure purchasers for any such constraint, or a reference to it, shall be conspicuously noted on every security certificate of the corporation evidencing a share that is subject to the constraint where the security certificate is issued after the day on which the share becomes subject to the constraint under this Act.

There are many key financial functions performed during the life cycle of a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) case. Case development activities are those required to prepare LOAD quality data after an LOR is complete.

Development of pricing estimates for Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) documents and billing and reporting of Security Assistance (SA) costs incurred and collected are two critical financial functions. Case development activities are complete when the LOA has been signed by the purchaser.

An endorsement of a security whether special or in blank does not constitute a transfer until delivery of the security on which it appears or, if the endorsement is on a separate document, until delivery of both the security and that document.

An agent or mandatary or a bailee who in good faith, including observance of reasonable commercial standards if the agent or mandatary or the bailee is in the business of buying, selling or otherwise dealing with securities of a corporation has received securities and sold, pledged or delivered them, according to the instructions of their principal or mandator, is not liable for conversion or for participation in breach of fiduciary duty although the principal has no right to dispose of the event is not an event of default until all conditions prescribed by the trust indenture in connection with such event for the giving of notice or the lapse of time or otherwise have been satisfied; ( means any person appointed as trustee, including the administrator of the property of others, under the terms of a trust indenture to which a corporation is a party and includes any successor trustee; ( means any deed, indenture or other instrument or act, including any supplement or amendment, made by a corporation after its incorporation or continuance under this Act, under which the corporation issues debt obligations and in which a person is appointed as trustee for the holders of the debt obligations.

( In connection with the dissolution or the liquidation and dissolution of a corporation, the court may, if it is satisfied that the corporation is able to pay or adequately provide for the discharge of all its obligations, make any order it thinks fit including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, No person is excused from attending and giving evidence and producing documents and records to an inspector under this Part by reason only that the evidence tends to criminate that person or subject that person to any proceeding or penalty, but no such evidence shall be used or is receivable against that person in any proceeding thereafter instituted against that person under an Act of Parliament, other than a prosecution under section 132 of the The plaintiff may, by application made at any time before or during the course of the proceedings, request the court to determine the value of the plaintiff’s financial interest for the purpose of subsection 237.5(1)is oppressive or unfairly prejudicial to or that unfairly disregards the interests of any security holder, creditor, director or officer, the court may make an order to rectify the matters complained of.

The Director may apply to a court for directions in respect of any matter concerning the Director’s duties under this Act, and on such application the court may give such directions and make such further order as it thinks fit.

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See Do D 7000.14-R, Do D Financial Management Regulation (FMR), Volume 15, for detailed SA financial policy and procedures. In budgeting FMS Administrative Surcharge funds, priority should be placed upon providing support to IA case execution activities.means, except in section 252.6, any form of representation of information or of concepts fixed in any medium in or by electronic, optical or other similar means and that can be read or perceived by a person or by any means.( A requirement under this Act or the regulations for a signature or for a document to be executed, except with respect to a statutory declaration or an affidavit, is satisfied if, in relation to an electronic document, the prescribed requirements pertaining to this section, if any, are met and if the signature results from the application by a person of a technology or a process that permits the following to be proven: A notice or document required to be sent to or served on a corporation may be sent by registered mail to the registered office of the corporation shown in the last notice filed under section 19 and, if so sent, is deemed to be received or served at the time it would be delivered in the ordinary course of mail unless there are reasonable grounds for believing that the corporation did not receive the notice or document at that time or at all.Notwithstanding section 91, a trustee is not liable if they rely in good faith on statements contained in a statutory declaration, certificate, opinion or report that complies with this Act or the trust indenture.No term of a trust indenture or of any agreement between a trustee and the holders of debt obligations issued thereunder or between the trustee and the issuer or guarantor shall operate so as to relieve a trustee from the duties imposed on the trustee by section 91.A person who feels aggrieved by a decision of the Director referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (g) may apply to a court for an order, including an order requiring the Director to change the decision If a corporation or any director, officer, employee, agent or mandatary, auditor, trustee, receiver, receiver-manager, sequestrator or liquidator of a corporation does not comply with this Act, the regulations, articles or by-laws, or a unanimous shareholder agreement, a complainant or a creditor of the corporation may, in addition to any other right they have, apply to a court for an order directing any such person to comply with, or restraining any such person from acting in breach of, any provisions of this Act, the regulations, articles or by-laws, or a unanimous shareholder agreement, and on such application the court may so order and make any further order it thinks fit.Where this Act states that a person may apply to a court, the application may be made in a summary manner by petition, originating notice of motion, or otherwise as the rules of the court provide, and subject to any order respecting notice to interested parties or costs, or any other order the court thinks fit.Modifications and Amendments are used to update case values as necessary when changes to the program occur. for more information on when these documents should be used. Requests for an exception to policy must include an accounting of expended and remaining funds and priorities for the remainder of the year. When pricing FMS case items, the price depends on the source of supply (e.g., available from stock, ordered from procurement, Working Capital Fund (WCF)), and whether the item is to be replaced with a similar or improved item, or involves manpower or training.Sales may be made under FMS only if the eligible purchaser agrees to pay in U. IAs will notify DSCA Business Operations and Strategy Directorates of planned pre-LOR and case development activities in the annual FMS administrative funds Program Objective Memoranda (POM) and budget process. Do D 7000.14-R, Volume 15, Chapter 7, provides detailed information on how prices are computed.A corporation may not carry out a squeeze-out transaction unless, in addition to any approval by holders of shares required by or under this Act or the articles of the corporation, the transaction is approved by ordinary resolution of the holders of each class of shares that are affected by the transaction, voting separately, whether or not the shares otherwise carry the right to vote.However, the following do not have the right to vote on the resolution: means an offer made by an offeror to shareholders of a distributing corporation at approximately the same time to acquire all of the shares of a class of issued shares, and includes an offer made by a distributing corporation to repurchase all of the shares of a class of its shares.


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