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I know one thing if its my family I will say something to them. I am sure if they were alive right now they would not allow us to do what these other people are doing now. I know that some people will say that its because of poverty thats why they have to do it.

This need felt by many people and many have worked on it.This work yielded a whole new dimension of chatting and people made their own free Online Chat Room without registration.They were more like regional friendship zones and people from different origins have made many live are the most popular ones especially in sub-continent as they are readily available and accessible over the internet.I mean they will go to the cafe from 8am-12pm, then back at 2pm-6pm.They go back after dinner until the cafe close in the late evening.The next time she comes back to work shes so tired and really wanting to just rest.Then it just comes out from her mouth that she was at the cafe until 2am.People join online chat rooms without registration where they can kill their frustration and make new friends.This word has many origins in the contemporary meanings.The woman works at somebody’s house, the husband works as a driver’s helper.The woman makes excuses that she can’t come to work on the day she should because shes sick or her kid was sick.


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