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I want you to talk and wank I love to imagine being fucked in the arse by you.Gay Fetish Chatrooms is the site for discovering people that are looking to chat about Gay Fetish right now.More recently, language researchers have directed attention to synchronous CMC, in particular Internet relay chat (IRC) and Web-chat, examining features such as chat management (Crystal, 2001), information exchange within chat groups (Burnett, 2000), gender differences (Soukup, 1999; Bowker & Liu, 2001), language variation (Paolillo, 1999, 2001), native and non-native speaker interaction (Freiermuth, 2001), repair (Schnfeldt & Golata, 2003), and chat openings (Rintel, Mulholland, & Pittam, 2001).Although there is a growing body of research of various linguistic features of synchronous CMC, there is currently very little, if any, research into the most newly developed type of synchronous CMC: that of Internet video chat (IVC). registering for free membership enables you to post in the forums, view attachments in the forums, and access the members galleries where you will be able to view pictures, download movies and upload your own files and much more! If this is your first visit you will need to register before you can start having fun here.Women pissing, men pissing, pissing pictures, pissing movies, pissing lesbians, gay pissing, pissing pants, panty pissing, golden shower pissing and much more.The Pissing Community is one of the best pissing sites.

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The earliest studies in this area looked at the language of e-mail, focusing on the structural and textual features of e-mail messages in first language (L1) settings (see Crystal, 2001, for a review) and in second language (L2) settings (Warschauer, 1995; Hartford & Bardovi-Harlig, 1996; Inglis, 1998; Gaines, 1999).

Additional early studies examined the discourse of discussion boards, also referred to as asynchronous chat (Crystal, 2001), focusing on the structural and textual features of message postings (see Crystal, 2001, for a review), the socialization of new members into discussion communities (Surratt, 1996; Wellman & Gullia, 1999), and comparisons between discussion board communication and other mediums of communication (Etzione & Etzione, 1999; Herring, 1999; Burnett, 2000; Burnett & Buerkle, 2004; Crystal, 2001; Rosen, Woelfel, Krikorian, & Barnett, 2003).


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