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At White Men Black we'd like to think you have just found the favorite interracial dating(know as black white dating), completely dedicated to interracial Singles or Interracial Couples all over the world.

If obesity is no unattractive, then WHY don't you mingle with the black women who are NOT obese the same way you seek slim white women?

I mean, statistically, most black men grow up and live around other black people- are you telling me that the black women you meet are all obese?

35% of white women (when whites make up 80% of the population) means a LOT more obese white women you will see walking around vs. You obviously filter through the obese white women, so why don't you also filter through the obese black women?

I also find it ironic that you talk about obesity like this when such a LARGE percentage of BM/WF IR relationships involve PLUMP white women!

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In my experience, the pretty Asian and white women I know have the worst attitudes of the bunch because they know (or at least THINK) they can get any guy they want!

Do you see white men who are VERY OFTEN rejected by white women going to other races of women because of this?

Though racial microaggressions are felt by every marginalized group within the dating realm, I am building upon my own personal experiences with heterosexual, cisgender white men to offer suggestions on how to ease racial tensions that may arise in a white man/black woman pairing.

This is a major trend- just look around and you'll see that most of the white women you see with black men are "larger"- even Phil agrees with this one.

And yet you criticize black women for being fat when most black men in IR relationships end up with fat white women anyway!


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  6. Adult off Home Directory Search Random Poll Make a Poll. A lot of black men on this forum are spouting excuses for why they date white women instead of black, and these excuses are most often insulting to black women.

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