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Problem updating firmware for nec nd 2510a

It seems maybe the DOS is the only way to restore my drive.The problem also is that all the 7170A firmware seems to have more than 1,44 MB, but maybe I could make a boot flashdisk and update from it. I read the flashdisk must be formatted to specific format USB-Floppy, USB-HDD etc, so I guess if I just copy the files from the floppy created by drflash it won't work.Anyone has some thoughts that could help me please?

Alternatively you could create a folder on your hard disk drive (assuming it's C:) as NEC2500, which must contain the Dangerous Brothers program, here again: If your operating system is Windows 9x another alternate for the hard drive method for 98 users would be to boot to safe mode command prompt only and not mess with a boot floppy.

DOS only uses short file names ie Program Files folder will named something like progra~1 Try making a new folder on drive C: call it NEC and copy the BIN and flasher program into that folder and try again.

Also, If your harddrives are formatted as NTFS, DOS doesn't support NTFS, in which case you'll need to make a FAT32 partition and flash it from there.

What would creating a FAT32 partition to use in DOS consist of doing? Second, the use of the CD-ROM image suggested in your original thread in the firmware forum solves the NTFS problem, as the CD-ROM image includes a driver that lets you access NTFS paritions from DOS. the problem is that I have a NEC ND 2500A, and wanted to make it a DL suitable burner.

I have never heard of doing so, and have no knowledge about this. so, I red a lot of inf in this page, and only thing that i get is - the better way is to flash the firmware in dos mode.


  1. Burnt with NEC ND-2510A at 2x using firmware 2.18. Burning reliability is Poor. Media color is Gray. Media text is JVC DVD-R FOR VIDEDO/DATA POUR VIDÉO/DATA 120 MIN / 4.7 GB 1-8x SPEED/VITESSE FOR GENERAL/POUR LE GÉNÉRAL. Media package type is Cake Box. Number of discs 50. Media made in.

  2. Aug 25, 1981. ND. COUSTR*OPER. I. The Cooper Group. BOKER'CRESCENT'LlwxiN'NICHOLS 1'PWMB'WEILER" WISS XCEUTE. P. O. Box 729 Apex, North Carolina. 1-805-499-3678. CA. TOLL FREE 1-800-322-1873. 1-800-235-3581. 91dGIdI,TT TfL. DIABLO 630. $2099. Tractor option. $245. NEC 12'. MONITOR.

  3. NEC ND-6650A Firmware 2.25 32x32 pixels icon. Bitte beachten Sie, Firmware-Updates für NEC DVD-Laufwerke werden in der Regel nur hinzufügen, neue Medien und Informationen nicht lösen Probleme in. Für die ND-2510A GNPF mit installierter Firmware 2.01, 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, 2.05, 2.06 und 2.07, download.

  4. Problem is that even with the driver kext loading correctly my display comes up purple tinged and still not video accelerated, so more work is needed. Addendum. NEC DVD/RW ND-2510A - Works Well- Burns cd's; NEC ND-3520A DVD+/-R/W DL - Everything recognizes it, tested with Finder, Disk Utility, and hdiutil.

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