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An hour and a half after striking the rocks, the port engine was restarted and confirmed to be fully operational. Aboard Clelia II were 65 passengers and staff, and 65 officers and crew.Travel Dynamics International said there was no danger to passengers and crew during the incident. Incident occurred on Carnival Pride leaving Port of Baltimore on DEC 20 2009.Radio Jamaica reports an employee on the cruise, which docked in Ocho Rios Wednesday, is now in police custody facing drug related charges. According to reports about 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, the Costa Rican was about to board the ship when he was stopped and searched by members of the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division.This is a normal occurrence where the police conducts random searches of crew and passengers.As soon as the guest was reported missing, various public announcements were made onboard and a complete search of the ship, as well of Coco Cay, was initiated.Shipboard closed-circuit camera footage captured the guest going overboard on deck 11, portside at approximately a.m.

Winds were 40 kts and the Captain decided to wait until winds subsided.

One engine (or one propeler) is broken, and they are limping back to Ushuaia escorted by the Corinthian 2. The port engine, which remained operational throughout the incident, was used to drive Clelia II off the rocks to a position approximately one mile from shore, where the port engine was turned off for a full systems check.

The ship was originally scheduled to arrive in Ushuaia December 29th. With the vessel stabilized, the bridge officers instructed the expedition staff to continue the passenger landing.

She was immediately taken to George Town hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The woman, an experienced diver from Utah, was a cruise ship passenger visiting the Islands with several members of her family.


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