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and thirdly there seemed to be no moral code, men and women coupling in the open.

We asked about these to Moses who reminded us about what a WHITE person classed as sinful and what was the blackmans custom, we apologised and cleared our minds of these "white! Our marriage took place in Nairobi as planned with Ruth in her white wedding dress shoes etc and at Moses insistance Ade was best man.

see thro blouse, loosely tied under her bulging breasts every item was in black.

Her hair was made up beautifully above her head and thick dark blue eye liner around her eyes (making her look like a Panda Bears eyes), and thick black eye liner, black nail varnish to toes and fingers. As we stood before Moses, Ade as groom Ruth as bride and me as giving her away. Moses: To me "who gives this woman to become a blackmans slut and whore" Me I do Mose: Do you give willingly?

It comes the Kenyan Government claimed tonight that troops had wrested control of nearly all the shopping mall two days after it was seized by armed Islamic terrorists who killed more than 60 people - including six from Britain.I explained to Ruth that what was being proposed was that Ade would "marry her" and be her "husband" and i wouldnt ever make love to her.She replied "David what you never have you never miss, and you will be doing this for our beliefs". With that he told Ruth to bathe, and dress in the clothes laid out in master bedroom (which we were to spend our first night as man & wife), and that his maid Shona, would help her get ready for her new marriage.Me: (After a slight hesitation) Yes Moses: To Ade "Will you take this women to be your slut and whore and take ownership of her body and mind and use it as you wish". "Will you become a blackmans slut and whore and be used by any blackman, and be bred to have black babies".Ruth: "Yes" (i looked across at Ruth and saw in her eyes the look of both love and lust towards Ade.We also met Ade his son who was agiant of a man 6 ffot 8" and over 20 stone of solid muscle and completly hairless, this mans presence was overpowering and both Ruth and i were in awe of him.We had a week in the village were we saw a number of things which we discussed.Toby intensified our training in both medical, social activities (football etc), and theological matters.This involved deep discussions, and by the time we had a date to move to Kenya, to take up a post north of Mombasa, under the guidance of another Kenyan pastor called Moses.Soon as the wedding was over, we went to our "honeymoon" house (Moses house outside of Nairobi).With just Moses and Ade we sat and talked I must admit i couldnt wait for the chance to be on my own at last with Ruth. Then Moses said that wedding was for you the white, now we must have a wedding for the blackman, We didnt know what he meant, so he explained, that Ruth must wear the " Devils whore" clothes, and make her vows to the black superior race.


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