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Sex lies and online dating review

I especially enjoyed the fact that the writer included a friendship between four female writers in the story, though I would have preferred to see more of it.At times, it felt as though those characters were there so the writer would have characters to write more books about later on.Com Aside from holding onto a little too much liquid, I have no complaints. And it's nylon so it won't scratch your non-stick cookware. Normally I love all the OXO products, but this is one I wouldn't buy again. But if you want to store several of these kinds of utensils in, say, a canister, the rubber-grip handles tend to cling to one another.Now Quinn is a cop who went undercover trying to catch "Breathless" as our murderer became known. Rachel Gibson is a goddess for fun flirty reading with an edge of suspense in the mix. The language was bland, the romance was sudden and without any reasons to it (sorry, I'm not really into love at first sight "just because", but some writers just manage to pull it off - this was not the case however), as for the suspense... Which is a real shame, because the idea - if not new - still was quite good.He also used online dating to catch this killer and would go on "dates" to try to rule out suspects... Lucy and Quinn meet on a "date", not telling the other that they are using each other for ulterior motives. Not to mention she has great taste in man description. However, Rachel, what is the deal with the crappy names of our hunks?!?! Definitely would not recommend this book to my friends. The premise is fun and I liked both the main characters.WRITER FRIENDS SERIES1) Sex, Lies, and Online Dating - Lucy Rotschild and Quinn Mc Intyre2) I'm In No Mood For Love - Clare Wingate and Sebastian Vaughan3) Tangled Up In You - Maddie Dupree and Mick Hennessy4) Not Another Bad Date - Adele Harris and Zach Zemaitis BOTTOM LINERead It Must Be Love, See Jane Score, or Truly Madly Yours instead.

This isn't a case where the mystery was easy to solve because of clues and foreshadowing.

On the plus side, Lucy's female-writing posse (who are all heroines of their own book - stories TBR) was interesting and provided several funny and lighthearted moments - especially Maddie, she was a riot and I'm looking forward to reading her book! CRITICISMFor me, the book had two major problems that I just could not get over and that were tied to one another in that they both have to do with the fact that Lucy and Quinn start off their relationship by "lying" to one another - I put lying in quotations only because although it's 100% accurate, they are both using covers for valid professional reasons.

But still, it makes the love story and how it plays out completely implausible for me.(1) Quinn thinks Lucy is a serial killer ...

They both pretend to be someone else and Quinn discovers very quickly that Lucy is not the nurse she pretended to be which only helps him get the wrong idea about her.

I think my main problem with the story was that Quinn is determined to woo Lucy on false pretenses.


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