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But the judge said the problems were 'no excuse' for her actions and said she had shown 'no remorse' by denying the accusations.

He added: 'You say in a letter you have no bad feeling to the victim whatsoever and 'wish her nothing but happiness' end quote.

One of the women, who cannot be named for legal reasons, continued to be deceived by Newland just days after police launched their investigation into the 2013 complaint, which the judge said showed 'a chilling desire' on her part to control and manipulate the lives of others - although no offences took place.

Judge Stockdale said the complainant’s evidence in court made clear her humiliation, sense of shame and degradation and highlighted the deeply damaging and long-lasting trauma she had suffered.

She created a 'disturbingly complex' online persona to achieve her own 'bizarre sexual satisfaction' carrying on the deceit for over two years, the court heard.

Newland also clung to the glass panels of the dock as security staff tried to lead her to the cells.

There remains no acknowledgement of the wrong you did to her.'Judge Stockdale also told Newland: 'She (the complainant) did not consent to these invasive acts of penetration because her willing compliance with your abusive behaviour was obtained by a deceit.'This was a deceit of such subtlety and cunning in its planning and was a deceit, from your point of view, so successful in its execution that an outsider unaware of the full history of the case might find it difficult to comprehend.'But truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

She spent 'hundreds' of hours talking on the telephone to her friend as Kye, telling her 'emotionally vulnerable' victim 'he' was undergoing treatment for cancer and was paranoid about his physical appearance.A woman who tricked a friend into having sex with her by pretending to be a man has been jailed for six years and six months.Gayle Newland, 27, sank to the floor in tears and screamed 'No' as she was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court today for the 'subtle, cunning and disturbing' plan, with a judge ordering her to remain on the sex offenders' register for life.Judge David Stockdale QC, sentencing, said: 'This was very serious sexual offending committed by means of a planned and sustained deceit which has caused significant harm and distress to the victim.'The court heard Newland had written a letter to her victim, wishing her 'nothing but happiness' in the future.Newland continued to audibly cry as she was led to the cells while her family blew kisses at her from the public gallery.'You had to create false blogger profiles to commit the fraud.It was a planned and sophisticated deceit over 18 months.'2011: Newland and her victim meet at Chester University.Willing to wear a blindfold, willing to agree to not to look at him at all.'She was willing to believe because she wanted to believe that Kye Fortune had a battery of health problems.She was desperate to be with Kye Fortune on your terms.'A further indication of her cynical powers of manipulation, if they were needed, was evidence of her deceit of three other women by her bogus alter ego, said the judge.Judge Stockdale added the sexual assault was a 'subtle, cunning and disturbing' plan by Newland.Newland received concurrent terms of six years for three counts of sexual assault committed in 2013.


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  6. Gayle Newland was jailed for six years and six months at Manchester Crown Court for sexual assault after she duped her girlfriend into sex by blindfolding her and.

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