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Speed dating in kansas city

The words of others won’t inspire you, they’re depress you, they’ll temper your fire and give you an excuse to quit of take time off or relax. As did Michael Jordan and Tom Brady and Mohammad Ali.

This belief in the Self didn’t happen over night, it can’t, it’s pure arrogance if it isn’t founded on some kind of reality.

I’m in the class of anyone that’s been mentioned thus far, clearly, not close, but to illustrate how you can use almost anything as a slight I’ll use my own story, and though I have many of them, I’ll use one specifically.

I had been at this gig for a long time, this writing on the web site, creating workouts and programs, hustling with no real direction, but hustling nonetheless, but I had nothing to show for it.

That self-belief was never wavered by the naysayers like it is with most of us, it was only fueled.

If you don’t believe in yourself, in your own capacity for greatness, then you can’t find true motivation when someone else doesn’t.

When someone tells the weak man he won’t amount to anything, he agrees.

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I needed that kick in the arse, that slight, that little spark to ignite an even greater fire.This belief in the self needs evidence, evidence that comes from practice We read self-help books that puff us up and aim to give us an internal belief in ourselves. They tell us nice things but these things aren’t founded on anything real. It’s not merely a kind of faith or a belief, but a knowledge that yes, we do have the ability to do things that no one else believes we can do.To become truly confident we need evidence, we don’t need words of encouragement or praise.When someone calls them a worthless alcoholic, they hit the bottle in an attempt to down their sorrows.The great man, the great leader, the Napoleon or Alexander or Theodore Roosevelt would aim to prove them wrong.He needed to show the naysayer their ignorance And when success was his, and he was widely known as the greatest basketball player to ever live he would still go back to the varsity basketball team he was cut from in high school, or being drafter third overall in the NBA draft and not first, or the MVP he wasn’t awarder or respect he wasn’t given if he ever needed a kick, a push, added passion.It never ended, this desire to prove others wrong, and what it led to was greatness.Simply put, it was ambition, a hunger for greatness, something that was fed by his desire to prove others wrong. No matter how successful he got he still managed to use any perceived slight – heavy on the perceived – to motivate him. Someone said he couldn’t lead the league in scoring and win a championship, done.It wasn’t merely a list he’d check off, he hated, deeply, the fact that someone didn’t believe in his greatness, a greatness that wasn’t a belief on his part, but knowledge.We need passion of some sort, either a love for what we do, a desire to simply become great, or the aforementioned ability to use basically anything as motivation, if we want to master our craft The good, they practice. Many can play great for a game or a season, few, however, keep their tenacity alive when they’re making millions, when success is already theirs.Marvin Hagler said something one time, I can’t find the exact quote, but it was to the effect that, , that your ability to consistently find new ways to get motivated, becomes even more important and vital to your continued improvement.


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