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Teen dating wiki

It once belonged to Kate Argent then she gave it to Allison Argent as a gift, telling her to look it up if she wants to learn more about her family.

(Read More...) While on a run with Liam, Mason and him are attacked by Garrett.However, the emergence of The Alpha Pack and the Darach had them fight once more.Allison then instilled a new code; "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." Following her sacrifice to ignite the Nemeton and save her dad, she suffered hallucinations of Kate before closing the door to her mind by embracing her confidence.The necklace appears again in Season 3 during a flashback in Motel California when Alexander Argent shot himself so that he would not become a werewolf.Mason Hewitt is a student at Beacon Hills High School and Liam Dunbar's best friend.He acts as Liam's confidant and partner when solving supernatural mysteries much like how Stiles Stilinski is to Scott Mc Call. When they arrive as freshmen at school, Mason is kept in the dark about Liam's werewolf transformation. In Maid of Gevaudan, a pair of size 10 shoes are found in Mason's car causing Scott to surmise that he is the chimera inside La Bête du Gévaudan.However, Mason seemed to know something wasn't right and keeps pressing Liam for more information. He almost disappears from existence until Lydia call him back.He stops pressing to know the problem and instead promises just to be there for his friend.(Read More...) Mason and Lydia fight off a berserker until Sheriff Stilinski rescues them.(Read More...) During the bonfire, Mason who saves the day by turning off the sonic weapon that had disabled Scott Mc Call.(Read More...) Mason, again, tries to get through to an obviously upset Liam.


  1. Edit. Featured on loveisrespect's website is the Teen Dating Bill of Rights, a set of affirmations and pledges for teens reflecting the importance of awareness of dating abuse and the need for young people to take a stand and nurture healthy relationships. Teen Dating Bill of Rights.

  2. Allison Argent was the daughter of hunters Chris Argent and Victoria Argent and a main character.

  3. The first hint that Nikki and Jonesy liked each other came in "The Fake Date," where they went out to a movie together in order to settle an argument they had been having. After the movie, they ended up trapped in an elevator, and shared a brief romantic moment before reverting to normal. The next time that they came close.

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