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But, even beyond the aesthetics, the Rival 600 performs far better than a mouse in its price range has any right to.Not only does it feature a 12,000 DPI sensor and satisfying mechanical switches, but the Rival 600 goes above and beyond and features a depth sensor that will all but eliminate cursor sway when you lift your mouse off of the mouse pad.There seems to be a myth that circles around any gaming peripherals that the most expensive equipment is the best equipment, and it’s just not true – and the same goes for the best gaming mice.

Read the full review: Cooler Master Master Mouse MM530 You can ask any serious gamer if they prefer wired or wireless mice, and more than likely they’re going to side with the former – the low latency is just too good to pass up.And while Corsair has had a ton of luck with its PC cases, keyboards, RAM, power supplies and cooling systems, a Corsair mouse is automatically a tough sell due to a lack of history alone.Luckily, the company’s latest gaming mouse effort is built for comfort, featuring a coating of soft touch paint and interchangeable thumb grips that augment ergonomics even further.We’ve reviewed or tested and ranked every mouse on this list, and each has earned our coveted seal of approval – you should be confident that no matter which of these mice you choose, you’ll be satisfied with it.No matter what kind of games you want to play, after going through this list, we believe you’ll get your hands on one of the best gaming mice.If you’ve just built (or bought) one of the best gaming PCs, it might just be time to pair it with one of the best gaming mice on the market.It is perhaps understandable that you might want to scale back your spending after dropping a thousand bucks on a killer rig, but why would you settle for a mediocre pointing device?Read the full review: Flashy and desirable, there’s no confusion as to why the Asus ROG Gladius II is a bit pricier than other gaming mice in its class.Boasting swappable buttons, a clickable scroll wheel and a sensitivity toggle, this mouse has all the bits gamers crave.At that point, the nearly perfect three-zone backlighting system and high-DPI Pixart sensor (not to mention the niftily included DPI status lights) are a mere bonus.Read the full review: Corsair Glaive RGBIt’s not everyday that we see a company known for its sound cards try to take on companies as renowned as Razer and Logitech with a competent gaming mouse of its own.


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