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Striking a note somewhere between hallucinogenic nightmare and cop vs.serial killer suspense-thriller, The Cell made an instant impression on viewers through Tarsem Singh’s vivid and surreal visual style.Those visuals are very effective at driving the already macabre subject matter deeper under the skin of the viewer.

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Even when she dies from the bite of a Sumatran Rat Monkey, she comes back as a grotesque zombie, forcing Lionel to stay home and take care of her - and everyone she bites - until the situation finally gets out of hand. Peter Jackson didn’t invent splatstick but he came damn close to perfecting it with Braindead.It’s a bloody good comedy with cheeky performances and unforgettably gross set pieces. Inevitably, they’re uneven, with one or more stories falling short.The zombie dining table scene alone would have made it a cult classic, but then Jackson pulls out all the stops for a finale that’s gorier - and funnier - than any zombie massacre before it. Worse, they’re hard to present as anything other than a collection of tales, with the occasional perfunctory framing sequence that fails to unify them except perhaps in general theme.Where Candyman excels is in its ability to keep this function of horror up-to-date as a modern fable about the brutality of life in urban, compressed neighborhoods, while fitting comfortably in among the very best films of the genre.Tony Todd’s Candyman, a towering figure with a tragic past, a bleeding hook for a hand, and a ribcage full of honeybees, absolutely deserves to stand alongside Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers in the pantheon of supernatural killers.The premise, a cop trying to find a serial killer’s next victim before she drowns in his Jigsaw-killer-esque contraption, is decent as is, but most of the film’s action takes place inside the mind of the comatose killer, giving way to the film’s artistic sets and sequences.The story is original, but it’s the delivery that makes this film a standout within the realm of psychological horror.Jennifer Lopez as child psychologist Catherine Deane is actually not bad, giving a sensitive and compassionate performance that helps keep the audience anchored throughout the disturbing story, and Vincent D’Onofrio is memorable as multiple facets of the serial killer’s persona, from the pitiful youth to the menacing King.The film’s parallel storylines in the outside world and the killer’s internal self play against each other wonderfully, with the time-limit of the search for the drowning girl lending a sense of urgency to all the indulgent and striking imagery.Homosexual * BAREBACK ANAL * Sexworker Travels worldwide to be used for no-condom anal fuckings with suck and swallow and anal rimming provided. Many men enjoy to use the slut for k9inky taboo sex acts. Michael's Suck and Swallow Services A gay escort in NC famous for his deepthroat trained cumthirsty suckmouth and long thick tireless anal rimming tongue. BBBJ per man incall and he sucks off groups too.


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