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Yea on a whim I just checked your profile and I'm 13 years older.I recon you had the advantage of experiencing him at a later stage.I don't think in 1970 when 'Take me to the Pilot" and "Your Song" were released many of us more elder were thinking of the fact.Yes, I meant to mention my introduction to him didn't necessarily parallel everyone else, but it was too late to edit once I thought of it.: Doh canada is the worst song ever, I cringe every time some jackass " interprets" it.R & B singers mutilate it, and country singers do a good job of it.Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax are known as the "big four" of thrash, yet I recognized the big difference between Metallica and Megadeth and Anthrax and Slayer. Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl played a few acoustic tunes in a boozer called the Southern Bar*.

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Its nice to see people due it for a real cause.i think a lot .. She didn't have the opportunity to mature into her own though, and Richard was the prominent hokey writer in all those early years.

I think people who get out in the "black Friday" madness need their heads examined, for real.

You could NOT pay me to do it, they could give stuff away, NOT happening, no thanks.

When I think about all of the amazing different people sleeping in this garden tonight, the one thing that strikes me about these statistics of homelessness is that they are not insurmountable."https:// few artists played for free in the ross bandstand. The clip below features Maxine Peake (she was a lead character in the tv drama 3 girls about the rape, torture and abuse of many many wee lassies that was covered up by the local poiticians, the social services and the police because of who the abusers were).

The story she reads was originally written by a geezer from Coatbridge, just outside Glasgow. It was printed in the homeless magazine The Big Issue (Scotland). Here also is the article the guardian printed explaining Johnny Marrs album. Again i know EVERYWHERE is experiencing homelessness but i just wondered what you lot thought.............https:// The Priesthttps://m.youtube.com/watch?


  1. Young adults all over the world are in search of matches for their love lives in the internet. Here are some of the premium and free online dating sites.

  2. The 5 Best Online Dating Sites in South Africa. Due to its history, South Africa is known as a “Rainbow Nation. The sign-up process is like most other dating sites.

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